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Hive Stands

Our end to end, high performance, ruggedized beekeeping platform includes hive stands for healthy beekeepers and palletised beekeeping

The HiveIQ System is purpose designed for migratory beekeeping and pollination.

2 Hive Stand

An image of 2 Hive Hobby Kit, featuring 2 three story beehive kits and a beehive stand with it's yellow powder coated legs engaged.

The HiveIQ 2 Beehive Stand provides hobbyist with all of the features and functionality provided in the commercial hive pallet system, holding two beehives per stand. 

It includes all the features of the professional range including the pollen collector chute and receptacle, fold out legs to raise the beehive height to a comfortable working height.

Raised hive height

The use of folding legs on the HiveIQ beehive pallet and beehive stand raises hive height to a comfortable working height, minimising repetitive bending, reducing fatigue and injury to the beekeeper. 

4 Hive Stand

A picture of a 4 Beehive Pallet kit with the yellow powder coated legs engaged. The beehives are three stories high, and all feature yellow metal top covers.

For professional beekeeping

Optimised for transport to fit on a standard truck - Hives fit 2 wide on the pallet and three pallets wide on a standard truck. They are designed for all types of fork lifts, bobcats or mini loaders. 

A semi-truck with a trailer. The trail is holding countless amounts of HiveIQ beehive pallets, all pallets have 4 three story beehives on them.

Our palletized system, combined with Light Weight EPS hives is significantly lighter than other systems saving considerable cargo weight (reduced fuel consumption or greater hive volumes per trip). 

High Strength Protection with pressed metal cover protects against damage from multi-level stacking on the truck, and pressure from heavy duty straps and winches. 

The interlocking design of the HiveIQ beehive and hive bodies ensures the integrity of a complete HiveIQ pallet (load stays secure). 

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