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An icon of a three story beehive inside of an orange hexagon.


Beehives are located in apiaries. You may have one or many beehives per apiary. You can then see all apiaries and manage each one.

The HiveiQ software provides you the tools to manage, schedule and track your beehives, at the Hive level you can:

  • Requeen the hive
  • Re-locate the beehive to an apiary
  • Harvest the beehive
  • Add Supers to the beehive
  • Remove Supers from the beehive
  • Archive the beehive
A photograph of a female beekeeper smiling while looking at her phone, with an image of the HiveIQ software displayed in the foreground. The software is showing a menu including links to Sites, Apiaries, Hives and Flora. . The beekeeper is wearing protective gear and standing in front of beehives in an apiary. This image illustrates the convenience of using HiveIQ software for beekeeping, allowing beekeepers to remotely monitor their hives and stay informed on their status while on-the-go.

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Why beeta?

The HiveIQ beeta program is our way of ensuring we make the best software for hobbyist and professional beekeepers alike, it has a lot of modules and moving parts...

So we need your input to tell us what works, what doesn't and what has the most impact on improving your beekeeping experience and business.

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