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You may have one or many sites. Begin by locating your site or sites. You can then see all sites and manage each one.

The HiveiQ software provides you the tools to manage, schedule and track your sites whether they are prospects, active or available. At the Site level you can:

  • Add Notes for the site
  • Add Flora to the site record
  • Add Document relating to this site
  • Add Images of this site
  • Quick links to site contacts
  • Edit Site
  • Archive Site

A photograph of someone using their laptop with HiveIQ's software displayed on the screen. The software is showing data on the beehives, including the number of frames, temperature, and humidity. The laptop is placed on a wooden table, and the background shows several beehives in an apiary. This image highlights the convenience of using HiveIQ software for beekeeping management, allowing beekeepers to easily access important data and make informed decisions.

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Why beeta?

The HiveIQ beeta program is our way of ensuring we make the best software for hobbyist and professional beekeepers alike, it has a lot of modules and moving parts...

So we need your input to tell us what works, what doesn't and what has the most impact on improving your beekeeping experience and business.

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