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An icon of an apiary of beehives all using metal pallets within an orange hexagon

Beeyards (Apiaries)

Apiaries are located on sites. You may have one or many apiaries per site. You can then see all apiaries and manage each one.

The HiveiQ software provides you the tools to manage, schedule and track your beeyards (apiaries) whether they are prospects, active or available. At the Beeyard level you can:

  • Reassign the apiary to a site
  • Harvest beehives in the apiary
  • Inspect beehives in the apiary
  • Requeen beehives in the apiary
  • Create beehives in the apiary
  • Edit the apiary
  • Archive the apiary

A joyful image of a farmer standing in a field of crops with a HiveIQ software tablet displayed in the foreground. The tablet shows data on the beehives, including the number of frames, temperature, and humidity. The farmer is wearing a straw hat and a checkered shirt, and is surrounded by crops and greenery. This image illustrates the importance of beekeeping in agriculture and how HiveIQ software can provide valuable insights into beehive management, ultimately leading to increased crop yield and quality.

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Why beeta?

The HiveIQ beeta program is our way of ensuring we make the best software for hobbyist and professional beekeepers alike, it has a lot of modules and moving parts...

So we need your input to tell us what works, what doesn't and what has the most impact on improving your beekeeping experience and business.

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