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Honey Pallet

Our end to end, high performance, ruggedized beekeeping platform includes hive stands for healthy beekeepers and palletised beekeeping

The HiveIQ System is purpose designed for migratory beekeeping and pollination.

Honey Pallet

A render of a forklift picking up a HiveiQ honey pallet.

Our honey pallet streamlines the storage, handling and transport of honey supers.

Featuring a Leak proof drip tray and rugged yet lightweight sheet metal construction.

Each pallet has capacity for up to 24 HiveIQ honey supers to provide your with faster, easier handling and stacking with forklifts.

A render of the HiveIQ honey pallet. It features a flat tray ontop with a small lip around the parameter. It will fit 4 beehives on the pallet.

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