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The HiveIQ Beeta 1.0 release is coming to an end. HiveIQ Clover 2.0 is coming soon...

You can use the HiveiQ beeta software for hobbyist or professional beekeeping.

Our beeta program is free. All data information and accounts will be moved onto the new Clover 2.0 version free of charge, your account will remain active, just vastly improved.

A photograph of a tablet displaying the HiveIQ software, with the screen showing a page that demonstrates how the software works. This image highlights the user-friendly nature of HiveIQ software, enabling beekeepers to easily monitor their beehives and make informed decisions based on the data collected.

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Why beeta?

The HiveIQ beeta program was our way of ensuring we make the best software for hobbyist and professional beekeepers alike, it has a lot of modules and moving parts...

With feedback from beekeepers everywhere, with every level of beekeeping and pollination requirements we have designed Clover 2.0, to be released in September 2024.

Clover 2.0 logo

Our journey from beeta to the launch of Clover 2.0 represents a significant evolution in digital beekeeping technology. This fundamental redesign incorporates extensive user feedback and cutting-edge advancements, enhancing its appeal and utility for hobbyists, sideliners, and commercial beekeepers alike.

Clover 2.0 introduces more intuitive user interfaces for every aspect of beekeeping, robust data analytics enabling you to optimize hive health and productivity more effectively.

The Clover 2.0 release will include a flora library and be followed by modules for business, communities, breeding, research and pollination.

Clover will be augmented with HiveIQ agritech coming in late 2024, bringing online sensors, predictive AI and actionable insights.

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