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A cozy scene of two beekeepers taking a break from their work and relaxing by a campfire. The beekeepers are seated in camping chairs, with one holding a cup of coffee and the other a book. The background shows trees, bushes, and beehives in the distance. This image highlights the importance of taking breaks and enjoying the natural beauty surrounding beekeeping, while also emphasizing the hard work and dedication required to maintain a successful beekeeping operation.

About Us

Welcome to HiveIQ! We are a beekeeping company based in Canberra, Australia, owned and operated by Victor and David. Our journey began when Victor, a third-generation beekeeper, left the family business in 1990 and moved to Canberra, where he met his wife. After a 20-year break from beekeeping, Victor returned to his passion and teamed up with his friend David, a commercial builder with a goal of returning to the bush and an interest in bees.

It was Christmas 2009 when David convinced Victor (over a bottle of fine Port) to start a beekeeping operation, and Australian Honeybee (now HiveIQ) was born. Since then, we have been working tirelessly to establish a successful beekeeping business, while having a lot of fun along the way (but please don't tell our wives!).

A picturesque view of a beekeeper in a flannel shirt inspecting a beehive with a stunning mountainous landscape in the background. The beekeeper is carefully holding a frame from the hive and observing the bees on it. The beehive is surrounded by other hives and greenery in the foreground. This image captures the serene beauty of beekeeping in natural surroundings and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for honeybees to thrive.

At HiveIQ, we believe that beekeeping is both an art and a science, and we strive to combine the traditional methods of beekeeping with modern technology and innovative solutions. We are passionate about the health and welfare of our bees, and we take great pride in producing high-quality polystyrene beehives.

Our mission is to promote the importance of bees and beekeeping, and to educate people about the critical role that bees play in our ecosystem. We strive to continue to innovate and improve the bee ecosystem.

A macro image of a bee

Thank you for choosing HiveIQ, and we look forward to sharing our love of beekeeping with you!

A photograph of a beekeeper inspecting a polystyrene beehive without any protective gear. The beekeeper is holding a smoker and puffing smoke into the hive to calm the bees. The beehive is surrounded by other hives in the background, and bees can be seen flying around the hive being inspected. This image illustrates the potential danger of inspecting beehives without proper protective gear, as well as the use of smoke as a tool to calm bees during inspections
A photograph of an Australian beekeeper in protective clothing, carefully inspecting a beehive. The beekeeper is holding a hive tool, and the beehive is surrounded by other hives in the background. Bees can be seen buzzing around the hive being inspected. This image highlights the essential role of beekeepers in managing bee colonies, and the importance of protective gear to prevent bee stings during inspections
A scenic view of an Australian landscape with a clear creek flowing through it. In the foreground, there are several beehives made of polystyrene, used for beekeeping. The beehives are surrounded by lush greenery, and the blue sky can be seen in the background. This image captures the serene beauty of the Australian countryside, as well as the importance of beekeeping in this ecosystem.

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